MYFON is a local Malaysia smartphone manufacturer that design and produces the latest and most exquisite mobile electronic devices exclusively in Malaysia. MYFON plans to deliver customers with the most extraordinary mobile user-experience through meticulous design and latest mobile technology.

MYFON Vision

  • To provide customers with quality products and superior services.
  • To build up harmonious work atmosphere of mutual respect for all our employees.
  • To furnish a fair and square cooperative platform on the basis of equality and mutual benefit to all our business partners.
  • To be one of the top Smartphone Brand in Malaysia.


At MYFON, we’re here for those that expect more in their smartphone while doesn’t cost a fortune. We at MYFON will continuously striving to develop and deliver the best products possible and to create devices at an affordable price range. Hence, the goals of MYFON are not only focusing on the design, production, research, and development.



MYFON strive to achieve the highest stand of “GREAT DESIGN” by perfecting the concept, style, and interface for each of our products. To create a beautiful product, we at MYFON have considered everything from, every angles, every colours, and every piece of device is perfectly crafted to fit perfectly in users’ hand and allow the users with meaningful and charming experiences.